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   Peggy Esher is America's sweetheart of chalk   
 art. Well trained by Ding Teuling, she is the
 assistant, co-teacher, and critiquer for the
 Teuling-Esher chalk art seminars. Her melting
 smile radiates her love for Christ and her
 captivating enthusiasm for chalk art will stir you 
 to reach new heights in your chalk art ministry. 
 Not only are her ideas refreshing, but Peggy
 has every detail in place for each picture. If
 you are a beginning chalk artist, be sure to
 check out the DVD below on preparing skys
 and sunsets.

In consideration of the artists and your love for Christ, please consider it unethical to copy these pictures for any purposes
without purchasing the DVD.

God's Wonderful World of Color

As we reflect on the color God has made, and the beauty of His creation, may we seek to be
blessed by the greatness of that creation, knowing it is an expression of his love for us.
Various scriptures are used to recognize, praise, declare, rerflect and live for God's glory.
In this picture you will draw a colorful sky over mountains and lake with a man sitting near a
stream, by a campfire reflecting on God's creationamidst the beauty. The black light shows
a front view of Jesus with arms outstretched in the middle of a colorful sunset looking down
on His favorite creation, "US".


Soaring on Wings of Eagles
One of God's most beautiful verses from His Word is Isaiah 40:31. It states that those who
wait upon Him will get fresh strength. It mentions that we will soar on wings of eagles and
not grow weary when we are in the Lord's hands. This picture shows a mountain scene with
angled falls that come across the front, and one small eagle in flight. In the black light, learn
to draw a profile of Jesus with arm upstretched to a large eagle, giving him flight, as the small
eagle disappears.


Jesus, the Living Water
John 7:37-38 says "If someone is thirsty let him come to me. And if anyone believes in me…streams of living water will flow from him." If you are thirsty, seek Jesus and he will not disappoint you! This picture shows large cliffs in the backgroung with a waterfall that is drawn in invisible blue-white black light chalk. In the black light, you will learn to draw Jesus's face with outstretched arms which will CONNECT to your black light falls you've previously drawn below, actually completing Jesus as the Living Water.

God's Touch on Mary   

On this first Christmas eve, according to Luke 1:26-38, Mary knew most of the answers to her questions, even BEFORE the birth of her baby. It was a boy named Jesus. He was the Son of the Most High. He'd reign on David's throne. But she questioned, "Why me? How was this possible? What will Joseph, family and friends say?" But the angel said "Nothing is impossible with God." In the black light you will learn to draw Mary in profile with her chin resting on the head of her baby. Jesus. The publicly drawn picture has three shepherds as silhouettes pointing to a star over Bethlehem.

Spring Garden
In the beauty of this Spring picture you will see color in God's trees,  and lots of  flowers near a lake, making us think of new life in Christ because of His resurrection. Psalm 139 is also used helping us see that we are wonderfully made. I Cor. 5:17 tells us that we are new creations, the old has gone, and the new has come:" As you see Jesus in the black light head to head with a small girl who has picked flowers for him, may you be reminded of this new life you have in Christ. 

A Fresh Look at God's Love
Jesus' greatest demonstration for us was His willing death on a cross for our sins. John 14:6 says that through salvation, there is only one way to heaven. The message in this picture offers many other scriptures describing 5 word pictures of God's Love, while the bottompicture shows the path to Calvary with 3 crosses. Under the black light, you will learn to draw Jesus in profile with a crown of thorns on his head. 

Psalm 23

If you've ever picked up someone's personal Bible, there is usually a marker in the 23rd Psalm.
This Psalm is usually looked at only in hard times, but it is really a Psalm of LIFE! This message
looks at each verse
from a Shepherds point of view, making us wonder, is the Lord my
Shepherd? This still lake drawn in the picture has many trees showing perspective from back to front, with a small shepherd drawn with sheep in the foreground. In the black light, you will learn to draw Jesus' face with Him holding a sheep near his face. (Suggested song, "Shepherd of My Heart")

Skys and Sunsets

As a beginner who had just returned from a chalk art seminar, my biggest question was, "How
did that sky and sunset go?" The first of 4 samples will teach you a basic sky for black light preparation and toning at the bottom. The second will teach you a stormy sky that could be used in the
Calvary picture where the clouds will direct your attention right to the crosses, with toning.  The third is a visible strip of colorful regular chalk in the sky so you can learn to disguise VISIBLE black light chalks in making a brilliant sunset. The fourth is a basic sky with a black light sunset made from INVISIBLE black light chalks, disguised to eye. Learn this "at home" preparation!


Thanksgiving Blessings
This quiet country village with rolling hills and Autumn scenery are a great example of Americana today.   Using Fall colors you'll bring this small town to life with it's little country church and farm rows of crops.   The foreground is a split rail fence with a large Fall tree to the right of the picture.   In the blacklight, the horn of plenty with various fruits, represents God's abundant love for us and how He meets our every need.   The sermon talks about how Jesus is the Vine….and we are the branches.    

Shepherd of Love

In this picture, the Good Shepherd shows His willingness to leave the flock to find just the one lost sheep, showing us that He is the true Shepherd.   Below the high cliffs are the distant rolling hills, trees and a winding river toward the foreground.   In the middle ground, a steep jagged cliff in darker tones on the left hand side…..making it set off against the further cliff in lighter tones.   The Good Shepherd is reaching far down for his lost sheep. The blacklight to the upper right shows Jesus embracing His lost sheep, and holding his staff.   This blacklight picture symbolizes Jesus' care and love for us as His own.  

Resurrection of Jesus
In this picture we see the Lord's victory over death and the grave, and His ascension into glory.  The background includes rolling hills and scenery.   On the left hand side~the rugged tomb shows the stone rolled away.   To the right, Calvary's hill with the three crosses.   In the blacklight, the full figure of the Lord Jesus in the sky with His arm raised high as he ascends to our Heavenly Father.  Surrounding Jesus is beautiful color in the morning lit sky as He rises from the dead.  During your bottom drawing, you will put blacklight within the tomb and it will glow as well.    This is a picture you can use at Easter time, and I trust it will a blessing to you. 


The Lighthouse
Warm pastel colors emphasize the Lord's love for us through the example of the lighthouse and how He guides our paths.  The seascape scene which includes cliffs and a lighthouse continue forward into some beach with plenty of rocks.   Life is full of jagged tests and trials but our faith in our Lord will guide us to safety.   In the blacklight portion of this picture~Jesus is shown in profile looking toward the lighthouse.   There is a strong highlight on the front of Jesus from the beam which illuminates the His face.   Jesus as the Light of the World is the included sermon.

Advantages of DVD
1. It is digital and extremely clear with true color.
2. It is formated in chapters so you can go immediately to the section you want to
view or practice.
3. You can stop it on one frame with absolute clarity without the snow like the old VCR.
4. You can view it step-by-step, frame-by-frame.
5. You can zoom in and enlarge the pictures.
6. The only thing better is the instructor holding your hand and helping you draw.


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