DVD Chalk Art Pictures

At Last!  
  New chalk pictures on DVD.
     Black light preparation,
drawing the picture,
and the message
all demonstrated for you step-by-step
on each DVD by
America's most active chalk artists.

Some include photos, slides, and printed sheets for suggested message and songs. Never before has it been this easy to learn a new picture. Some of the most experienced chalk artists and teachers in the country have  been assembled to bring you the very best in instruction and demonstration for drawing new pictures with a dynamic impact and clear Bible message. Nothing is left to guesswork. In both the black light preparation and the regular chalk drawing, each color is named and each stroke is explained in most of the DVD's.

Note: Any pictures which appear to be dark are actually
much brighter in full light.

Each DVD is $20 plus $2 shipping. Each picture shows the regular chalk picture and the invisible black light picture. Both are included on most DVD's.

If you do not have DSL, be patient when loading the artists pictures because you will be loading several pictures.

Matthew Bowman Pictures
Click here for Matthew Bowman's pictures.

Ding Teuling Pictures
Click here for Ding Teuling's pictures

Peggy Esher Pictures
Click here for Peggy Esher's pictures.

Ray Dombeck Pictures
Click here for Ray Dombeck pictures

David Teuling Pictures
Click here for David Teuling pictures

Esther Frye Pictures
Click here for Esther Frye pictures

Advantages of DVD
1. It is digital and extremely clear with true color.
2. It is formated in chapters so you can go immediately to the section you want to
view or practice.
3. You can stop it on one frame with absolute clarity without the snow like the old VCR.
4. You can view it step-by-step, frame-by-frame.
5. You can zoom in and enlarge the pictures.
6. The only thing better is the instructor holding your hand and helping you draw.

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