-Chalk Art Training-
LeGrand Products offers complete Training and Resources
for the Christian Chalk Artist

2024 LIVE Chalk Art Classes

Amons-Snow Chalk Art Class
March 3-7 2024

Matt Bowman Chalk Art Class
April 1-5 2024

Chalkmart.com is a full service site to provide all the instruction and chalk art training for the beginning chalk artist or the advanced chalk talk artist.

The LeGrand Products state-of-the-art studio provides seminars and workshops several times a year to equip Christian chalk artists for ministry. These classes afford many ideas for drawing any type of picture for gospel messages using all the colors of lecturer.s chalk and black light chalk to illustrate Bible truth.

For those not able to attend these chalk art classes, LeGrand Products provides video chalk art training resources covering all the basics of chalk art methods and materials. These DVD.s clearly explain the kinds of chalk, preparation of bogus drawing paper, easel lights, strokes, color combinations, and everything else needed to begin or advance your chalk art ministry.

Each chalk art training DVD is taught by a noted chalk artist including Ding Teuling, David Tueling, Matthew Bowman, Esther Frye, Wanda Cummings Vincent, Peggy Esher, Gloria Kohlmann, Ray Dombeck, David LeGrand and others.

The chalk art training book entitled “Chalk Art for Christian Ministry” is an e-book format so it can be instantly downloaded and ideas regularly added. Also available on this site are FREE downloadable e-books on several Bible subjects and ministry helps including Evangelism, Bible Doctrine, Teaching Methods, Biblical Interpretation, Marriage and others.

This site is continually updated for dates of future teaching and learning opportunities and resources.


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