Matt Bowman Chalk Art Class

Phase 2 Chalk Art Training
April 1-5, 2024
with Matthew Bowman in Winston-Salem, NC

Get ready for ministry! This Phase covers all the aspects of being a chalk artist for the Lord. It involves hands-on training in a small group setting, with personalized instruction.

Completion of Phase One (or equivalent) and drawings evaluated

" Chalk art History
" Equipment
" Advanced drawing techniques
" Hidden black light images
" Presentation techniques and tips
" One-on-one instruction

Time Frame:   4 1/2 days

LeGrand Products in Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Matthew Bowman

$395 plus motel, breakfast, evening meal and materials, $450 if you register after March 17
Free lunch provided at studio Monday through Thursday.

email David at Contact Us or call 336 725-2041 or register below

"The chalk art course is more than an art class. It is a ministry training school. God used it in my life not only to call me to preach the gospel but also to shape my ministry philosophy. The training is both biblical and practical. I left each class with a greater passion for God and stronger motivation to serve Him. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! "
Brian Pate, Little Mountain, SC.

"I am so grateful for God's faithfulness in providing this training and keeping me involved in this ministry! Not only have I been blessed by seeing my skills grow and watching God glorify Himself through these skills, but it has also given me a greater burden for souls."
Katey Sturm, Londonderry, NH

"Chalk art offered me dynamic ministry preparation both spiritual and artistic. The instruction was extremely practical and individualized. I have continual opportunities to use this training at home and on the mission field. I came to chalk art class with little artistic talent and a lot of fear of public speaking. I left equipped and excited about a ministry that communicates beyond age, language, and cultural barriers."
Christie Ballmann, Kopperl, TX

"Phase II was truely an enriching experience. I learned new techniques, enhanced my drawing style, discovered the secrets of black light hidden scenes, acquired several new pictures, and got every question answered!"
David LeGrand, Winston-Salem, NC

Register NOW! This class will fill up quickly

Registration Form   (For a copy in Microsoft Word request at Contact Us)
Print this form and mail to


              David LeGrand
945 Holland Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

 Please enroll me in the April 1-5, 2024 Phase 2 Chalk Art Class ($395 tuition).


Name ________________________________________ Age_____________


City _________________________________ State ________ Zip _________

Phone:  Area Code _______ Number ________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________

Check enclosed for $______________ for tuition payable to David LeGrand

Charge $________________ to:   (Minimum $50 dollars with registration)

Visa ___      Master Card___    Discover ___    American Express ___

Card No.________________ Name on Card ____________________ Exp_____

_______________________________________ (Seal)


___ I will be coming alone.   ____ My spouse is coming but not enrolled in the class.

___ I will be staying in a motel which I will arrange.

___ I will be driving to the class and arriving:  Date ______  Time _____  AM __ PM __

___ I will be flying into the Greensboro Triad International Airport (GSO).

           Arrival Date___________   Time_________   AM_____   PM____

           Name of airline _____________________________

           Flight Number of last leg _________   Arriving from _________________ on last leg

___ I will catch a cab to the Studio at 945 Holland Street in Winston-Salem, NC 27101

___ I want LeGrand Products to pick me up at GSO, 25 miles away from Winston-Salem    ($25 fare)

        My cell phone number is ___________________    Call David LeGrand at 336 725-2041

___ I will bring my easel  ___ YES   ___ NO


Dear Student,

        We are very excited to invite you to the Phase Two of the Chalk Art Courses held
April 1-5, 2024 at LeGrand Products, Winston-Salem, North Carolina­­­­. This advanced course
is an opportunity for preparing for the ministry of chalk art with personal instruction by Matt Bowman.

If you have any materials you have the option of bringing them with you to the course.
However materials will be available for purchase. The prices for the course are as follows:

Course fee                $395 (includes instruction, use of easel, and lunch).

Black Light Chalk        $35

Regular Chalk             $1.50 per stick as needed

Paper                        $1.50 per sheet

The class begins with breakfast at 8:30 a.m., Monday, April 1. Please plan to
arrive sometime on the Sunday afternoon March 31st and depart anytime after noon April 5th.
Class will end on Friday at noon. The minimum age is 14 years old. Do not bring a child or teen
not enrolled in the class. Only enrolled students will be allowed to stay in the classroom during class

If you are traveling by air, you will need to call David LeGrand ahead of time to make
arrangements to be picked up at the Greensboro Triad International Airport (GSO). If you are
driving, please call for directions.

There are a few special dress guidelines. You will need to bring a pair of shoes to be
comfortable on a concrete floor. During the class time, you should wear clothing that is neat and
appropriate. We ask that the ladies wear modest clothes and not wear white blouses
or knit tops unless a vest or sweater is also worn. Men should wear shirts with collars and casual
dress pants. Some students have found it helpful to use smocks, aprons, or an oversized shirt
to help keep them clean.

            All registrations for the class must be returned by March 17. $450 after March 17.

If you are unable to attend this class, watch for other dates on our website at

If you have further questions, you may contact David LeGrand at

336 725-2041 or May the Lord bless you as you

prepare for this special time of training.

Yours in Christ,

David LeGrand

Matthew Bowman

Things to bring


  1. Chalk and paper if you have them (or can be purchased in class).
  2. Note pad and sketch pad, pen, and No. 2 pencil.
  3. Old clothing, comfortable shoes (floor is concrete), smock if you prefer, covering for hair
    if you do not want to wash it daily.
  4. Sanding block (this is a sponge with fine and medium sandpaper glued on it for preparing
    paper. The best ones are purchased at Ace Hardware), chalk board eraser, dust mask (these
    can be purchased in class if you need them).
  5. Enough money for motel, breakfast, evening meals, supplies needed, and extra money for neat tools
    available such as books, DVD's, etc.
  6. Alarm clock


  1. An easel if you have one.
  2. Colored pencils for drawings in tablets.
  3. A flashlight for taking notes during black light demos.
  4. Wipes for hands, like unscented ones for babies.
  5.  A video camera, or digital camera.


            in Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Motel/Hotel/Inn                    Phone number        Distance from Alpha Arts

Holiday Inn Express               (336) 788-1980         5.7 Miles


At the Airport look for David LeGrand pictured above holding a yellow and red sign
entitled "CHALK CLASS".