January 09


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Editor David LeGrand                chalkmart.com                       January 2009



Chalk Art News is back! 


Dan Ondra has graciously given David LeGrand of Alpha Arts permission to continue publishing this exciting newsletter for chalk artists.

This is YOUR newsletter and it is FREE. Stuff by chalk artists for chalk artists.
Please continue to submit by email concerning your chalk art ministry, news, pictures, tips, ideas, ads, questions or anything you want to share with other chalk artists.

It will be posted ONLINE at chalkmart.com, and you will be informed by email in a CAT (Chalk Art Tip) each time it is posted. You may download and print if you wish. Issues will be sent as frequent as content is available, hopefully once a month.
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DVD by Ray Dombeck

Ray Dombeck leads you through every color to draw this fine arts chalk picture.
The DVD can be purchased on chalkmart.com.

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Ding Teuling        616-846-2166   teulingenterprises.com   l            l                                         l              l

Bed sheet drawing by Craig Dormanen

          I have a drawing on a bedsheet above. I found I had to use white spray
paint for the blacklight/clouds as the bedsheet is too thin for white
chalk alone with the blacklight chalk, like you would normally do on

The white spray paint makes for great clouds, and it is almost as good as
the bed sheet to draw on.

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