Interim Pastor or Pulpit Supply

David LeGrand is available for Interim Pastor or Pulpit Supply for your church
located anywhere within 110 miles of Winston-Salem, NC 27101. 
  He has 60+ years of pastoral experience and has been interim in 40+ Baptist and Bible churches.
  He taught for 37 years at Piedmont Bible College (Later Piedmont Baptist College
and now Piedmont International University)

  If you want some good solid Bible preaching and biblical leadership, call today.

 Phone phone is 336 725-2041 (No text received at this number, please call)
 Email is

Biography, Education and Ministry of David LeGrand
Born June 16, 1939
Born again May 5, 1956 at 16 years old under ministry of E.J. Daniels, SB evangelist.
Yielded to call to preach December 31, 1956
Entered Bible college August, 1957
Graduated from Piedmont Bible College May, 1962 with Th.B. degree
Graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary May 1967 with B.R.E. degree
Graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary May 1969 with M.Div. degree

Celebrated 58 years of Marriage to Barbara on July 16, 2018
We have 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren.

Became Professor at Piedmont Bible College in 1971 and taught there 37 years (It is
now Piedmont International University, Dr. Petitt is President)
Taught 24 different courses in four departments at Piedmont; a few are listed as follows:
Church Administration
Bible Doctrine I
Bible Doctrine II
Biblical Interpretation I
Biblical Interpretation II
Christian Ethics
Teaching Methods
Pauline Epistles I and II
Marriage and the Home
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy of Theism
Adult Education
Audio Visuals

Has served as interim Pastor in 42 churches in the last 46 years, the most recent ones
being Woodbine Baptist Church in Mayodan, NC, a thriving Southern Baptist Church.
Audio of some of his sermons are available on their website
Also, Comer’s Chapel Baptist in Madison, NC.
Pastor LeGrand will be glad to meet with you to discuss the possibility of serving as interim pastor for your church.

In March, April and October each year David and Barbara host a week of classes to train chalk artists for Christian ministry at our studio in Winston-Salem. Many of the pictures can be seen on the website along with other resources for chalk artists.

For additional information contact
David LeGrand
945 Holland St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
336 725-2041

        David LeGrand is available for Special Meetings
    He has been an Interim Pastor in 42 churches and is now ready for the next one.
Until then, he can preach any Sunday, Wednesday, or Sunday through Wednesday.
     Call 336-725-2041 to schedule a service.

Sunday through Wednesday Schedule                                    
Sunday Morning  Revelation 21-22 and other Scriptures
Power Point message “What on Earth will we do in Heaven”
This message answers more questions about Heaven than most people ever
dreamed possible. It is thoroughly illustrated with pictures and well
supported with Scriptures. It is the result of 30 years of research on this subject.

Sunday Evening  Isaiah 40:27-31
          Chalk Art Drawing “Wings of Eagles” accompanied with Narration, Music
          and finale of breathtaking invisible Black Light scene. A service designed
          to encourage believers to rise to new heights in their Christian walk.

Monday Evening   Mark 6:45-52
Chalk Art Drawing “Christ Our Pilot” includes music, sound effects of
a stormy sea, and a beautiful invisible Black Light conclusion of Christ at the
helm of the ship guiding Christians through the storms of life.

Tuesday Evening  Mark 9:42-48 and Luke 16
Chalk Art Drawing “Cross over the Chasm” is an evangelistic picture to
compel lost people to get saved and Christians to reach the lost. It features
a convicting message about Hell and ends with a spectacular Black Light
view of Heaven by way of the cross over the chasm of a burning Hell.

Wednesday Evening   Matthew 7:13-14
Chalk Art Drawing “The End of the Road”. Someday we will all come to the end
of the road. This picture concludes with a Black Light scene of Jesus welcoming
us home with open arms. The emphasis is to be saved and ready for that hour.