February 09

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We  drove to Florida to spend Christmas with my sister and the day before we left I was awakened with the conviction that we should do a chalk drawing in front of the garage door in their driveway for their neighborhood. Their block has a Santa's Landing - candles in sacks lining the street on Christmas Eve, and community party. Almost 90 percent of the street is composed of middle age UNMARRIED couples - which I didn't know til the day after! We have been there before at Christmas, so we knew the drill, but never felt much spiritual belief on the part of their very friendly neighbors. Anyway, we arrived on Tues eve, printed little invitations to our Christmas chalk drawing, telling them to bring their lawn chairs, delivered them to everyone, putting them in front doors or windshields of cars, and most said they were coming - very enthusiastically. We set it up for Christmas day evening at 6:30 and got some cookies and soda together. Out of 23 invitations there were 14 attending. I don't remember when we were better prepared - cleaned the painted paper of everything except the hidden drawing each time - it was really an experience for Him that we hope others will remember in their hearts. I just wanted to let you know the blessings we received this Christmas.............Danni & John Geisler

Picture by Danni & John Geisler

This Christmas picture by David Teachout adapted from Matt Bowman "Born to Die" picture

Blavk light of picture above

      I have a question for everyone that I have never heard discussed.
Where do you practice your drawings? I am using a spare bedroom and making
a big mess there. I have the floor and furniture covered with tarps and
sheets but I am still consantly vacuuming. I am ruining my good vacuum.
My husband does not want me in the garage because of his cars and tools.
Any suggestiion? Where to practice and how to clean?   Cathy--  Idaho

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