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Editor David LeGrand                           December 2009            New Chalk Art Books by Dwight Haynes

Rev. Dwight D. Haynes, a master chalk-artist and biblical evangelist, graduated from Piedmont Bible College of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1994 with a Bachelor of Theology degree with youth and music minors.  His proficiency in voice along with skills in chalk-art and piano and accordion music serve as useful tools in ministering for the Lord.
Dwight has utilized God’s ministry gifts since 1990 as a Bible teacher, and since 1994 as a Gospel Chalk-Artist, serving as a missionary to extended-care facility residents in Virginia’s New River Valley as well as senior and interim pastor of churches in Pulaski, Virginia, and in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He has travelled to minister with chalk-art, preaching and music in several of the United States of America and in England, Scotland, and southeast Asia.  His wife, Ann, and two beautiful daughters, Sara Zell and Keli Ann, serve to inspire and relate God’s love to many.  Having served as a classical Christian school administrator with a passion for Christian education, Pastor Haynes and his wife home-school their children and enjoy ministry and family together.
After a request from an assisted living resident for a compilation of his chalk-drawings for devotional meditation, Rev. Haynes published his first book entitled, PORTRAITS WITH PURPOSE, in 1999 featuring 25 color photographs of his chalk-drawings with hymn references and devotional sermon outlines.  Ten years and two easels has produced another book of 25 more color-illustrated chalk-talks in a book entitled, DRAWING OUT THE WORD.  These books serve as excellent records of the ministry for re-use in future presentations and make a great item to distribute to those interested in the chalk-art ministry or use in a creative Bible study.  Each book also features a bonus section of a basic chalk-art class outline entitled, “Chalk-Art: Enjoyable, Effective, EASY.”
Every Gospel chalk artist should consider documenting their drawings and related messages in such a collection.  While David LeGrand taught Rev. Haynes the initial concepts of chalk-art ministry, it was the books of Jerry Zwall and George Sweeting that gave early and lasting inspiration to an aspiring young chalk artist.  While many more chalk-art resource materials are available today, each artist has their own sphere of influence as a disciple-maker.  For more information on Dwight Haynes’ ministry or purchasing these books, call 540-440-5070, e-mail, or see his website at                                       



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