April 09

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Editor David LeGrand                chalkmart.com                       April 2009

        Would you like to hook up your IPod or mp3 player to the sound system
and be able to control the volume yourself from the platform?
Ben Glenn told Matt Bowman he does it as follows.

Go to RadioShack and purchase the three items above:
Y-Adapter Audio Cable                         # 4202550     7.49
Y-Adapter                                               # 2740893     4.99
Matching Transformer Audio Adapter  # 2740017   16.49
Total about $31 including tax

Hook these three together as shown above.
Plug the small end into your player and the other end into the microphone
cable after removing the microphone.
Now YOU are in control of the volume and sequence of your recording, not the
sound booth operator. Be sure to test before the service so you don't blast out
too loud when you begin.

   Chalk Art classes with Matt Bowman at Alpha Arts in March.

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Chalk Art Marathon    

and Bed Sheet Expo
August 3-7, 2009   
Begins Monday 8:00am—Concludes Friday 5:00pm
Alpha Arts Chalk Art Training Center
Winston-Salem, NC
With Chalk Evangelist and Instructor Matt Bowman
(Hosted by Professor David LeGrand, Alpha Arts)
*Adapt to the newest form of large-scale chalk art
*Create powerful music and messages
*Learn how to build your own bed sheet easel in class 
*Go home with 7 new presentations
*Get challenged and renewed spiritually
This is a very fast paced course for those who already know how to draw the basics of chalk art. Instruction will vary from traditional chalk art to outdoors on the large bed sheet. Each student will draw on their very own 6' x 8' bed sheet easel which is provided. This event is not for beginners, but only for chalk artists who know how to draw the basics and have at least some experience drawing black light pictures. Do not bring any child or young person who is not enrolled in the class.
The tuition is only $395 for the week, plus materials and accommodations. Breakfast and lunch is provided.
Rooms available at Piedmont Baptist College for $25 per night,
seven blocks from the training center.
What to bring:
Water bottle
Cordless drill with Phillips head
Stanley TRA 700 or Arrow T-50 hand stapler
Notebook and pen
Chalk and paper will be available for sale
Only 20 Spaces Available. Register now!
Contact   David LeGrand
     945 Holland Street
     Winston-Salem, NC 27101
     336 725-2041