May 09

           Chalk Art News

Editor David LeGrand                             May 2009

               Bed Sheet Drawing and Comments by Charlie Gault
Jesus sitting with a child,  on a bed sheet. It was inspired from a painting by Greg Olsen.
Interestingly, God was already at work when I began preparing this picture for an Easter Talk. About a week ago I was talking with a friend before our kids played a soccer game. He was telling me about an infant who had just passed away from a rare disease, while texting the mother and father about the upcoming details of the funeral. Later that day I received a call from him saying, "You won't believe this but..." He went on to tell me that he was at the family's home when the mom said she was happy with everything they had decided on except one just kept bothering her, but she didn't think it could work out. She finally said that she knew it was probably too late to ask but if there was anybody who knew how to contact that guy who does those chalk drawings, she would be willing to ask...and if there was any way possible, to have a picture of Jesus holding a child:)
He told me he began to beam with anticipation of what God might be doing in their time of grieving. He went on to ask her if she remembered when he had been texting them earlier in the day...then told her he had been standing right next to that guy, that he was a friend of his, and he would make the call for her. Wow.
The timing worked out. I brightened the background, added some things, changed the kid to an infant, and did my first drawing in a funeral...God moved mightily.
I didn't get a picture of the actual drawing, but I did take some practice shots. This one is the closest to the one I did. You can post anything you want.

Ideas by Craig Dormanen on Bed Sheet Drawing
I have been doing more and more bed sheet drawings and most include blacklight chalk images. I have sent this tip before, but I paint the area for the black light chalk white so it isn’t so transparent. I use 2" x 3" for the frame--it doesn’t bow when you stretch the bed sheet, and is much stronger to hold a light hood. I re-use my bed sheets and often my black light drawing as well--which saves a lot of time. I vacuum the day light chalk off. Then I use a carpet extractor to clean off the remaining chalk. Some chalks actually stain the bed sheet, so after the sheet has dried, I use black die to stain the rest back to black. Seems like a lot of work, but I feel if I can save the black light image--especially if I’m happy with it--all the better.
The following submitted by Peggy Esher:
Advocate~~I John 2:1
Lamb of God~John 1:29
The Resurrection & the Life~~John 11:25
Lord of Lords ~~~ I Timothy 6:15
Man of Sorrows~~Isaiah 53:3
Master~~Matthew 8:19
Faithful & True Witness~~ Rev. 3:14
The Rock~~I Cor. 10:4
High Priest~~Heb. 6:20
The Door~~John 10:9
The Living Water~~ John 4:10
Bread of Life~~John 6:35
Rose of Sharon~~Song of Sol. 2:1
Alpha & Omega ~~Rev. 22:13
The True Vine~~John 15:1
Messiah ~~ Daniel 9:25
Teacher~~John 3:2
Prophet~~Matt 21:11
Redeemer~~Job 19:25
Anchor~~Heb. 6:19
I Am the root & offspring of David~~Rev. 22:16
Bright & Morning Star~~Rev. 22:16
Holy One  ~~~Mark 1:24
Mediator ~~ I Timothy 2:5
The Beloved~~Eph. 1:6
The Branch~~Isaiah 11:1
Carpenter~~~Mark 6:3
Good Shepherd~~John 10:11
Light of the world~~~John 8:12
The Word~~John 1:1
Chief Cornerstone~~Eph. 2:20
Savior~~John 4:42
Servant~~Matt 12:18
The Almighty ~~Rev. 1:8
The Mighty God~~Isaiah 9:6
Everlasting Father ~~Isaiah 9:6
Son of Man~~Matt 20:28
The Way, The Truth, & The Life~~John 14:6
I AM~~~John 8:58
King of Kings~~~I Timothy 6:15
Prince of Peace~~Isaiah 9:6
Bridegroom~~~Matt 9:15
Only Begotton Son~~ John 3:16
Wonderful Counselor~~Isaiah 9:6
Immanuel~~Matt 1:23
King of the Jews~~~Mark 15:26
Shepherd & Bishop of Souls~~I Peter 2:25
Judge~~Acts 10:42
Head of the Church~~~Eph. 5:23
Image of the Invisible God ~~~Col. 1:15
Author & Finisher of our Faith~~Heb. 12:2
Shiloh~~Gen. 49:10
Lion of the Tribe of Judah~~~Rev. 5:5
Dayspring~~~Luke 1:78
The Amen~~~Rev. 3:14

Ding Teuling on using LIGHTS

In using a "white spotlight" and a "red spot" light, use the white spotlight to enhance a figure, and the red spot to enhance a setting Sun, or a bonfire.
I use red flood lights to enhance a setting Sun or to create a "warm" glow to a picture, and a blue light to create a late evening or moonlight effect to a picture.
It is possible to produce a permanent picture using only a blue chalk, and a red chalk, and black light chalk. Under blue light (to simulate a night scene) you can draw a group of shepherds
around a fire, with a flock of sheep, and either a star, or angels singing, or the holy family around a manger in a stable open to moonlight; and under a red light to simulate Jesus on a cross with two thieves in the background; and under black-light to have the resurrection, or the second coming. Under ordinary room light, it would be  a jumble of color that would make very little sense, but under blue, or red, or black-light illumination there would be three distinctly different pictures..

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