Feb-April 2011

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                            Editor David LeGrand         chalkmart.com       Feb-April 2011

What a BLAST!
    The 2011 Teuling-Esher-Snow Chalk Art Conference

16 have already registered for the 2012 class. Have YOU?
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Drawing for Christ

With chalk in hand,
Just think "I can"
Three good layers of white for the sky,
When you finish you'll see why.
Bottom third must have toning,
Or later on you will be moaning.
Put in some clouds, some mountains and some trees,
Oh, what a breeze.
Now some water, rocks and pretty things.
Now the black light,
What a delight.
No matter the style,
No matter how good or bad you draw,
You don't have to worry,
God's message, in all it's glory,
Will be brought to light.
So quit that wishin'
And get to the mission.
Get that chalk in hand,
And let's cover the land.
Our mission, not wishin'
is to "draw others to Christ".
Fran Bradley